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Luxury 4.5 star honeymoon cottage on South Coast NSW

You seek clean accommodation with that "just new look" which is why Crystal Creek Meadows has created its own range of eco friendly cleaning products. With our expertise in aromatherapy the natural cleaning products combine lemon scent tea tree, peppermint eucalyptus and lemon scent eucalyptus.

Tea tree is a particularly powerful cleaning agent as it is 100 times more powerful than carbolic acid (but not harmful to humans. Research has shown Eucalyptus has anti-viral is well as antiseptic and deodorising properties.

The lemon and peppermint scents give your cottage a wonderful freshness.

Crystal Creek Meadows aromatherapy cleaning products are part of our commitment to become more eco friendly (link below).What's more natural cleaning products are positive for you, our cleaners and the water system.

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