Meeting the chooks

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Beautiful gardens surround the B&B style private cottages at Crystal Creek Meadows
Chickens and Chicks
Fresh Free Range Eggs the kids can collect
Kids love to meet our friendly chooks
Meeting the chooks

The chickens at Crystal Creek Meadows are very free range and enjoy wandering the gardens during the day. Guests can collect their food scraps in a special container (provided) and feed the chooks - it is a great way to make new friends!.

Happy healthy farmstay fun!

You may also visit their shed and collect lovely warm eggs in the mornings (by arrangement with Sophie). This is a great activity for the kids. The chickens do like to wander past Rose Garden Cottage, Fleur Farm Cottage and over to the Jolly Jumbuck Cottage. Just give them a whistle and they will come a running for a tasty treat.

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Free Range Chook Policy

Crystal Creek Meadows is broadening the varieties of chickens it keeps. Traditional species are declining significantly (because high egg producing cross bred species are preferred by the world) so an active policy to introduce less well know and important varieties is being implemented. Variety is the spice of life!

All chickens can explore the gardens everyday. They are fed layer pellets and an organic feed mix. At night they go back to their coup on their own for a cosy safe sleep and come out to explore again the next day. A free and happy healthy life you will see during your stay.

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