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1 March 2013 - 31 March 2013

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A few exciting things have been happening since my last blog entry. I have been involved in helping Chris and the Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association organise a workshop for the Green Kangaroo (which is like a pledge that local businesses sign in agreement to calculate their carbon footprint and do more to be a more sustainable business).

The workshop was really inspiring. We had speakers from different areas of sustainability, nutrition and art, and it was interesting to see how we can use these areas to come together as a community and help each other out. I realized the importance of producing and buying local food to reduce food miles, and promoting local artists and musicians to benefit the economy of Kangaroo Valley.
The realization of this was really inspiring for me, and gave me more hope for the future of sustainable tourism. It showed me that with good community relationships and changing the little things is what needs to happen to move towards a more sustainable future. It even inspired me with some ideas of my own for the future… and showed me that there is opportunities for me in these areas.

The workshop was relevant to things I have been learning for the past two years at university, and pulled it all together for me.
My role on the day of the workshop was to calculate our businesses carbon footprint prior to presenting to the group on how I did it. I spent the weekend before calculating this, and recording the steps I took to get there. I was then able to produce a step-by-step guide for each local business owner explaining how they could also calculate their own footprint using a new carbon calculator.

I am also in the process of working with Chris to put together a starter kit which we will use for new local people wishing to join the Green Kangaroo programme.
Each new experience (like this one) that I have, I make my own notes on so that I can use them for future essays and reference in general life.

I feel like this year is really helping me build of my employability skills. Chris and Sophie sit down with me once a month and conduct an appraisal where we discuss how things are going, what could be improved. These sessions really help me to identify my weaknesses, and then I am able to work on those areas.

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