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Crystal Creek Meadows is surrounded by the largest temperate rainforest area south of the Hunter River
Tour for budding young scientists to dicover the environmental forestry initiatives
10 November 2011

For this year’s World Responsible Tourism Day we invited sciences students from St John’s the Evangelist High School in Nowra to come for a field trip and learn about our environmental initiatives. Since it is also the International Year of Forests the focus of the field trip was trees and how we use them on the property. This included conservation planting (which the kids got involved with), study of the firewood plantation, recycled waste water for the citrus orchard, timber for the future conservation of Hampden Bridge, the placing of tree hollows – homes for birds and sugar guilders. Then we calculated our carbon footprint from original bills so the children were able to independently verify our environmental claims. This way we share knowledge, encourage the children to participate in more efficient ways to live and have a fun day out!

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