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Over the last few weeks, Christopher and I have begun working on our sustainability project. The area chosen is product development within Health and Wellness Tourism. We are currently in the research phase to gather as much beneficial information that will contribute to the overall success of our project. Not only have I been reading into a vast array of academic journals on Wellness Tourism, but I have also had the fantastic opportunity to meet with well-established academic, Dr Meredith Wray. It was a privilege to discuss my project and gain the thoughts and recommendations of someone with such in depth knowledge of the Health and Wellness Tourism Industry.

Christopher and I will put together a specialised package consisting of a bundle of complementary activities that will focus solely on health and wellness tourists, and build on Crystal Creek Meadows's aromatherpay products and services. We will prepare a detailed buinsess and marketing plan. This will involve me assessing competitors, researching guests and applying our sustainable toursim practices in the final recommendations. For example developing a new range of services that build nature connection, integrating water conservation measures and working with local suppliers. In this way  responsible practices and local economic development policies will be a foundation to the project. The final plan and the results will be a practical assignment that demonstrate my capabilities in a real-world commercial situation and hopefully help me following university.

Christopher’s Note: improving guest’s positive experiences, through health and wellness, may be a valuable way to build people’s resilience. Adaptation will become increasingly important as we find ways to cope with climate change impacts.

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