Aboriginal Story Telling with Julie Freeman - 'Fireside Yarn'

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5 October 2012

Lara Claringbould - Student Work Experience Diary

Last week Chris arranged for myself and his family to take a trip down to Booderee National Park, home to the large Wreck Bay Aboriginal community, where I was introduced to an aboriginal lady called Julie. Julie was born and grew up there, and makes a living out of doing something very close to her heart; telling aboriginal dream time stories to all interested in hearing them.

The excursion was an amazing opportunity, allowing me to immerse myself into authentic aboriginal culture as we sat around the warm fire that lit the face of Julie as she enlightened us to some additional knowledge about their beliefs and practices that I understand she doesn’t tell all who go to see her. Not only was this a great cultural experience of being in Australia for me, but it will also help me with my understanding for one of the projects I am doing as part of my placement year about ‘stimulating connectedness with nature’. Aboriginals have a connection with nature built into their everyday lives unlike us westerners, so this way of living has uncovered a whole new way of seeing things for me, and is something I find very interesting.

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