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John planting his seedling in 2011
Three years later the tree is 4 metres high
28 March 2014

Our guest’s conservations actions are growing fast. A return visit by John Allen left him amazed at how quickly native trees, indigenous to the area, can grow. John planted a River Ppeppermint seedling in 2011 and was surprised to see his original tiny plant (15 cm) had grown to over four metres high by March 2014 a 266% increase! To celebrate his return visit to Kangaroo Valley this year, John planted seven She-oaks in a row to mark his seven decades. This row has been placed on the front line of our rehabilitation zone. John said “it will be a lovely contribution to the future, for our nieces, who live locally, to see”.

John was a leading British Government scientist during the 1970-80s and a negotiator at the Geneva Convention to establish a framework to reduce air pollution and acid deposition to control acid rain “At the convention I added the recommendation that we needed to reduce energy consumption. At the time there were very few scientist considering energy reduction, while today there are a much larger number of scientists advising the UN on energy reduction,” recalls John.

Trees form a major part of our sustainability programme. We have planted 500 native trees for an environmentally sustainable firewood plantation. So the young trees produce plenty of oxygen to offset their burning to keep us warm. They also provide habitat for all the lovely birds and insects that live here with us.
The trees that guests plant for conservation are planted in a separate zone and have helped increase the number of bird species spotted to over 50 now. So a big THANK YOU to all our wonderful guests.

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