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Guests are invited to help us reduce carbon footprint and water consumption

The first month of my time here at Crystal Creek Meadows is coming to an end. I already feel as though I have learned so much and yet this is only just the beginning of what I imagine to be a tremendous experience. My role within the business will vary greatly from customer service to organising and participating in a range of sustainability projects; my first mini project being the concept of a sustainability key tag.

The aim of the key tag is to raise guests’ awareness of their average water consumption and carbon footprint, in the hope of reducing the statistics even further and contributing to a healthier, more sustainable environment. The key tag that I have created consists of informative facts, presented in a way that will hopefully attract the attention of our guests.

A QR Code link to our ‘green credentials’ webpage has also been provided so that our guests have the opportunity to read further, should they wish to do so (there is also the 'Green Folder' of infomration in the cottage). Since 2006, Crystal Crek Meadows' carbon footprint has decreased immensely per guest/night, from 12.4kg CO2 (2006-2007) to 6.72kg (2012-2013). Although decreasing carbon footprint continues to be an ongoing project of its own, these figures are something to be proud of. It is for this reason that we have chosen to present the results on the key tag so that guests know their footprint and are directly asked to help us cut CO2 by a further 10% this year.

As for water consumption, it has been estimated that guest use an average 219 litres per night. (Australian accommodaiton average is 300 litres: Gossling 2012). Once again using the declaration on the key tage, we aim to reduce this with the participation of our guests by making them more conscious of their water usage on the whole.

Responsible tourism is our primary focus here at Crystal Creek Meadows and I believe that the concept of a sustainability key tag has the ability to be highly effective to raise awareness of each guest's footprint and encourage partnership and help us become more eco-friendly.

Crystal Creek Meadows provides work experience opportunities for students to learn about responsible tourism practice and conduct their own projects.

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