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Crystal Creek Meadows 2014 renovation team

Redecorating - Renovating - Retro-look in Fleur Farm Cottage  

Guests are going to enjoy a wonderful fresh new Fleur Farm Cottage. We’ve been busy renovating our little farm cottage at Crystal Creek Meadows adding a new Aussie hard wood floor, complete new Federation style bathroom and repainting...and that's just the beginning.
This is part of a big renew programme for all our cottages with new furnishings (Sophie’s making the cushions!), great claw foot baths, a softer nature inspired colours and great new lights.
All the work follows our stick sustainability practices which include:

  • Replacing inefficient electric cooking facilities with gas (did you know 2/3 of electricy is lost on the powerlines before it even reaches your kitchen!)
  • Replacing spa baths with claw foot baths that will save us thousands of litre of water a year but give our guests an even more blissful bath without the noise of a spa pump!
  • Cushion stuffing uses recycled plastic bottles (there are 20 water bottles recycled in each cushion!)
  • Using exclusively our great local tradesmen and keeping as much of the expenditure (80%) in Kangaroo Valley/Berry
  • Ecofriendly paint...everywhere!
  • Recycling where we can
  • Using exclusively green power

The great reno team includes (t to r) Mark Dryden (plumber) Garry Thomas (electrician) Danny (trainee carpenter), Lincoln O’Toole (carpenter) and ofcourse Sophie (your amazing cushion makers) and Christopher ( man with the eco paint brush). We love our local tradies!

See (below) Deborah Hutton explain how our sustainability practices helped us with Australian Tourism Awards.

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