The Do’s & Don’ts for a Perfect Romantic Break

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The Do’s & Don’ts for a Perfect Romantic Break

  • Do take advantage of our special packages which include sensual delights like Brut Pinot Noir, handmade chocolates and aromatherapy spa treats which relax and arouse. Note we also display seasonal specials on our last minute packages page of this site.
  • Do ask for our couples only cottages, they are very spacious while still being cosy. Please note that all our cottages have king size beds, wood fires and blissful baths. 
  • Do dress up for each other so you fit the part when you're in your stylish cottage and at great local restaurants. Taking care of your appearance shows you care and that this getaway is important. Tip: call us before you leave to check the seasonal weather forecast
  • Do enjoy the fact you have a gourmet breakfast hamper* so you have the freedom to eat breakfast when you want (you can even bring your loved one breakfast in bed!)
  • Don’t bring work with you. Tell them you have very poor network coverage in Kangaroo Valley (Telstra network does work on the property and we do offer free WiFi in reception)
  • Do take advantage of our day spa services offered by our professional beauty therapist, they will help you both relax and unwind. This is especially true because treatments are conducted in the privacy of your own cottage so you get to keep up the relaxed atmosphere after your beautician has left.
  • ‘Do not disturb’ is automatic, we do not visit the cottages unless you ask us to call (routine garden maintenance is done at times when you are out)
  • Do take advantage of the real wood burning fire (and shaggy rug, marshmallows and hot chocolate) rather than watching TV, let the flicker of the flames unwind you and rekindle emotions
  • Do enjoy our beautiful summerhouse and pond with its BBQ, perfect for a romantic dinner for two 
  • Don’t plan to spend your time driving around the region, instead enjoy the intimacy of Crystal Creek Meadows, the gardens, village, free bikes and relax. Close off the world outside and focus on each other
  • Do prolong your getaway by using your arrival day to meander down to Kangaroo Valley and day of departure to discover different things on the way home. There are two routes to Sydney and Canberra via Kangaroo Valley your hosts will be delighted to help plan your itinerary. 
  • Do talk about the happy moments you have spent together and acknowledge the good times. Chat about the future at moments when you are both relaxed. Sharing at these times builds trust, intimacy and happiness 
  • Do Plant-A-Tree while you stay and let it commemorate your time together. Getting close to nature helps you reconnect with yourself 
  • Do consider a three night stay because that extra time can reward you with significantly more joy as you will have managed to keep the world at bay for longer and enjoyed more moments of happiness together!
  • Do enjoy all our positive eco friendly attention to detail and join in, taking care makes us happy
  • Do buy a surprise present on your break (we have aromatherapy gifts or there are some great local shops and a gallery). Your partner will love the gesture and the gift will a lovely souvenir of your break together.

*with Deluxe Tariff and selected packages

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