My Green Butler

Guests received tailored recommendations for a better holiday and eco-friendly advise
My Green Butler is a unique digital advisory service that keeps you comfortable and saves you resources

You deserve a great carefree holiday so we’ve developed a discrete service called 'My Green Butler' to look after those important details that make relaxing so much easier. 

This world-first intelligent digital holiday advisor suggests weather-appropriate local activities and energy-saving tips to help the environment. You will enjoy:

  • Kangaroo Valley and her beloved “world away” micro-climate with our packing advice and weather forecasts for Kangaroo Valley using our own weather station with hyper-local and super-accurate weather forecasts
  • Daily advice on what to do to keep your cottage at the temperature you prefer, with recommended methods to keep comfy during your stay – we’ve got the best ceiling fans, fly screens to enjoy fresh country air, rugs, fireplaces, a/c and much more. Your Comfort is Our Priority
  • Truly relax. Daily wellness tips for mind, body and soul that match the seasons and your needs, for deeper relaxation.Local’s suggestion
  • Receive daily advice on what to see and do, that best suit the weather conditions - complete with suggestions for how best to benefit from Kangaroo Valley’s healthy fresh air
  • Supporting our wildlife conservation programme by helping us save energy and water which makes your holiday even more worthwhile
  • Treading Lightly. Did you ever think you could enjoy all of the above and be saving resources? We offer helpful insights into your resource use and receive simple tips on the best ways to tread lightly and not waste – these tips you can also apply at home after your stay.

Guests login to receive updates and a daily printed advice sheet delivered to their cottage. The daily advice offers information uniquely for each guest, for their cottage, and takes into account the season, and more importantly, the accurate weather on that day – ensuring you get all the advice you need for a perfect holiday. 


What we do with Our Savings?

Using My Green Butler guests have helped us save over 34% in electricity, 22% in water, and 20% in gas. 100% of the financial savings go to support our two chosen local wildlife charities. The results? Last year guests' savings helped care for 14 orphan wombats and protect the last remaining 40 Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallabies in Kangaroo Valley. So your holiday makes a real positive difference right here, right now, how wonderful is that!

Previous Guests love it!'

My Green Butler' has helped us become Trip Advisor's number one visitor recommendation in Kangaroo Valley and number one for travellers’ reviews in NSW by Hotels Combined. 


Sharing the knowledge

This service has been developed and patented by Crystal Creek Meadows following Christopher’s PhD with Griffith Institute For Tourism. It is an official United Nations World Tourism Organisation sustainable tourism project and being trialed internationally. You can learn more about the project here     

We actively urge other accommodation operators to plan for guests to participate and help make it a better world. Read our interview in NOW magazine here. Thanks to our guests we are also now Finalists in the World Responsible Tourism Awards held in London

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