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It's The Real Deal - Go Local In Kangaroo Valley!

Making it a more memorable holiday

Tasting great food & wine from the region, buying locally made souvenirs and enjoying activities with knowledgeable guides create great holiday memories. That is one reason why we take care to select the best local suppliers, restaurants and activities who offer authentic experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

See our recommendations listed at the bottom of this page.
Your hosts Christopher and Sophie have tried these great activities and tasted the fabulous food & wine, so they really can thoroughly recommend them! 

Putting back into the community

Choosing the products and experiences provided by small local businesses is a great way for you to put back into Kangaroo Valley.  Buying local means more money from tourism remains and benefits our warm friendly community. This helps to let you enjoy our happy quaint village, beautiful walks and cool swimming pool as well as discover farm gate sales,

Australian made craftes, local fudge and buy vintage ware. Consciously selecting local makes you feel good about your holiday too!

How much do we do?

Crystal Creek Meadows channels 58.5% of its expenditure to local micro and small businesses. 79% of our total expenditure is in the South Coast region (read verification report attached below).

How we have selected our local partners

  • Use local seasonal food or grow their own produce
  • Responsibly operate in natural areas
  • Active members of our local Green Kangaroo program
  • Offer visitors a really memorable personal experience
  • Opportunities to provide employment

Read about Crystal Creek Meadows food miles and green suppliers; check our financial claims (read below). See how we offer you great tasting fresh local produce during your stay (links below)

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2012-13 Food Miles & Green Suppliers Report.pdf336.74 KB

Recommended Kangaroo Valley Tourism Businesses

The following Kangaroo Valley & NSW South Coast businesses are recommended by Crystal Creek Meadows for their commitment to conservation of the environment, Australian wildlife or other Responsible Tourism efforts.

Activity Namesort icon Responsible Actions More Information
Aboriginal Experiences Crystal Creek Meadows only promotes respectful and non commercialised Aboriginal experiences. This allows you to have a much more personalised and genuine encounter and revenues directly benefit the local Aboriginal.
Australian Wildlife - Shoalhaven South Coast NSW Australia Tourist Information The charity Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby are activitly trying to support this threaten species. The operator Dolphin Watch Cruises is Advanced EcoTourism certified and does offer a sailing boat option which is gentle on the enviornment
Berihurikari 90% of their purchases are made in the Shoalhaven using fresh local ingredients, they recycle their boxes, choose E10 fuel and make a point of supporting local school and sporting events
Bistro One 46 Majority of expenditure in Kangaroo Valley and surrounds. Member of green energy programme, recycle packaging, food waste to local chooks, pigs and compost. Support may local fund raisers including the schools, Lions Club, RFS and Folk Festival
Cafe Bella The owners have conducted a carbon audit, signed the Green Kangaroo pledge to reduce their footprint and planted close to 400 trees for conservation. They employ local staff and include local vegetables in their great menu. Food scraps go to local chooks, recycle boxes, conserve water ans support local causes.
Canoeing - Kangaroo Valley Safaris Kangaroo Valley Safaris campaigned for Kangaroo Valley to become a plastic bag free community, they have completed a carbon audit of their business and signed the Green Kangaroo pledge to reduce their footprint
Delicious table olives They have solar power, water conservation policies, reuse food waste and E10 fuel policy. Kangaroo Valley Olives also supports the local events like KV Folk Festival, agricutlural show, schools fund raisers. 60% of their expenditure is in the Shoalhaven region making them a great supporter of the local community.
Flavours Of The Valley - for Foodies They have a buy local purchasing policy, grow their own vegies, composting food waste. Choose E10 fuel and support the local arts festival, Noahs Challenge and Trek for Timor
Horse Riding - The Man From Kangaroo Valley The Man From Kangaroo Valley Horse Trail have audited their carbon emissions, committed to the Green Kangaroo programme and are seeking innovative ways to produce feed for their hoses. They have planted another 50 trees this year, grow their own vegetables and have a 'Buy Local' policy so they are reducing feed purchased from outside Kangaroo Valley. Geoff and Gail are also keen supporters of of the community providing prizes for local school fund raisers.
Jing Jo Cafe Restaurant They have a 'Buy Local' purchase policy with 40% of their expenditure in Kangaroo Valley. They also have their own vegetable garden. So when you order off the menu you know you're eating fresh and local! David and Chi have a policy to employ local people. As the owners they have signed commitment to the Green Kangaroo programme to reduce their footprint, undertaken a carbon audit, compost kitchen scraps. have energy efficient appliances. Jing Jo also supports the local school, KV agricultural show, arts festival and Pioneer Museum.
Kangaroo Valley Explorer Historic Walk The walk was developed by the local Kangaroo Valley tourist association which also supports a plastic bag free community and offers refillable water bottles.
Kangaroo Valley Post Office Uses green energy, have installed solar panels, apply water conservation and have a buy local and organic purchasing policy. They support 11 community causes including the new Village Community vegetable garden
Markets You can buy from local provedoures who source their ingredients from our beautiful plentiful region. It keeps the food miles down and puts money back into our local economy. Crystal Creek Meadows's surveys its partner businesses to learn about their responsible actions.
Olive Oil Tasting This producer uses 100% Green Energy, has a solar power source, composting and applies recycling policies. 50% of their expenditure is in Kangaroo Valley making them a great supporter of the local community.
River Estate They select and promote local produce and offer an important economic opportunity for producers. They compost food waste and choose E10 fuel. Support community arts festival and Trek for Timor
South Coast Beaches and Swimming The commitment to offering pristine beaches has won Booderee a NSW South Coast Keep Australia Beautiful Award and its Cave Beach has won a Litter Prevention Award. Jervis Bay is a Marine Park, management practices result in protecting an environment for healthy marine and ocean life.
The Great Outdoors National Parks are keen to promote Aboriginal heritage and directly involving members of the community.
Yarrawa Estate Yarrawa Estate uses organic fertilizers, recycle wine boxes for fruit sales They are powered by 56 solar panels and solar hot water. They have planted of 6,000 native trees and support Noah's Ark, Westmead Children's Hospital and the local pre-school fund raisers. Yarrawa has a buy local policy

Kangaroo Valley Responsible Tourism Business

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