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There are many Aboriginal experiences visitors can enjoy while staying at Crystal Creek Meadows - from:

  • hearing Dreaming Stories around a fire for all the family
  • Visiting galleries
  • Taking a bush tucker tour at the Botanical Gardens in Booderee National Park, the only Indigenous managed botanic gardens in the world
  • Going on a National Parks Discovery tour (during school holidays)
  • Personaised guided Aboriginal tour with a member of the Wreck Bay Community like Julie Freeman's Fire Side Yarns which can be booked through Crystal Creek Meadows or directly with Galamban (Tel: 4442 1117)
  • Read our booklet about the Aboriginal people of this region (link below)

Your hosts can help select an experience to suit you and make reservations. Crystal Creek Meadows supports Indigenous experiences which are authentic tourism learning opportunities provided by qualified members of the local community.

How you can support the local Aboriginal communities through tourism

Visit the two recommended galleries Boolarng Nangamai and Laddie Timbery (links below) and buy authentic Australian Made art and craft work.

While staying at Crystal Creek Meadows buy from a range of beautiful cards created by the local Aboriginal artisits and published by Red Cockatoo Australia.

Read the Aboriginal Cultural Booklet written by Christopher Warren of Crystal Creek Meadows (freely available when you arrive) and visit the recommended responsible cultural heritage sites.

Lobby government to conserve and protect Aboriginal cultural heritage sites.

Being a Responsible Visitor

By selecting an authentic Aboriginal experience your economic contribution positively impacts the local community. By respectfully participating you help to foster reconciliation. By enjoying the activity you will have a unique memory from your holiday.

The Aboriginal community will share aspects of their culture that they feel comfortable telling. Their knowledge and stories are of great value to them and will be a wonderful life changing experience for you. However, you must respect that some places and stories are sacred to the community.

Respectful dress etiquette and behavior is polite. Always ask people first if you want to photograph members of the community. But please remember they are not performers. You might need to ask yourself first why you want the picture.

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Crystal Creek Meadows only promotes respectful and non commercialised Aboriginal experiences. This allows you to have a much more personalised and genuine encounter and revenues directly benefit the local Aboriginal.
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Booderee National park does have accessible access and toilets
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