MGB History

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MGB History

Romantic Couples Classic Car Hire with a touch of Australian car heritage

Crystal Creek Meadows in Kangaroo Valley NSW offers guests the unique experience of driving a modified 1969 silver MGB convertible which includes Australian designer touches which make it a unique car.
The car's engine and body are authentic MGB, the interior is very Australian with raspberry real leather seats and wool carpets and an Australian hardwood dash board and trimmings, making her truly one of a kind. The car has been converted to use premium unleaded fuel.

Crystal Creek Meadows purchased ‘Flash’ in 2004 and have lovingly looked after it ever since. We believe that offering this car to our guests reinforces the value of reusing cars rather than regarding them as unfashionable and letting them become unroadworthy. The environmental footprint of building and delivering a new car is much higher than sustaining a classic car. Driving a classic car is a demonstration not only of appreciating nostalgia of a bygone era of motor cars but also appreciating the value of heritage conservation. 

The MGA roadster ended production in 1962 when the MGB Mark 1 was introduced. The Crystal Creek Meadows MGB is a Mark 2 roadster with overdrive, considered the ‘real’ model in the range. A later model called the MGB GT was manufactured with a hard top.The MGB roadster was very popular and highly successful in the USA. In Australia BMC (Australia) built 9,324 between 1963-1972. 45% of the car's value was Australian content. Having two seats and a 1,800 cc engine it is fun, lively and easy to use.  Such cars are referred to as classic, not vintage which are from 1919-1930.

The MG badge is loved by enthusiasts the world over. In fact the MG club is one of the world's largest classic car clubs. The MG badge is famous the world over. Standing for Morris Garages, it was a smallish British sports car company that was eventually owned by British Leyland which later became MG Rover.

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