Tourism and Conservation do mix

in Responsible Tourism - Sustainable Practices
Tourism and Conservation do mix

Conservation holiday experience at Crystal Creek Meadows

You will see a great many birds at Crystal Creek Meadows as well as the Common Wombat, Echidnas and Blue Tongued Lizards. Thanks to the conservation zones established on the property (part of the conservation of land partners programme run by the NSW Department of Enviornment) everyone gets to see more wildlife in its natural habitat. You can make a contribution by planting a tree for $3.50 to help provide habitat or lend a hand and help with some of the rehabilitation work! Originally when your hosts Christopher and Sophie Warren bought the property it was cleared or suffered from weeds. Now after extensive work (and help from the kids) much of the land has being brought back to a more natural state which of course the wildlife love.

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Responsible Tourism - Sustainable Practices
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