Supporting Bush Poetry – winners of the Crystal Creek Meadows Prize

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Supporting Bush Poetry – winners of the Crystal Creek Meadows Prize

'Yelow Box' by John Davis

John Davis (pictured with wife Ruth) won the inaugural Crystal Creek Meadows Bush Poetry Award at the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival. Every year your hosts support bush poetry by offering an award for the best poem that depicts country culture. Why not relax during your holiday and take a read of some of the poetry books placed in your cottage. They are a lovely way to unwind and look on the world in a different way.
If you are a Tourism Business learn more about Responsible sustainable actions to create a better place to stay.
Yellow Box Tree ~ by John Davis

Crystal Creek Meadows Bush Poem Award 2009

On a small hill outside of our town
Amongst the scrub and the trees
Is a Yellow Box tree of massive size
Must have been there for centuries
If this old tree could only talk
I wonder what tales it could tell
Of the life that once existed here
And the floods and the fires as well
About the tribes of indigenous people
Who spent their lives around here
And hunted the kangaroo in the bush
In the ocean found fish they could spear
These people were contented and happy
Living on the fat of the land
All of them were very well fed
No matter from what tribal band
Nature kept everything balanced
In both the sea and the bush
So the people living around here
The boundary’s they never did push
The Europeans came and settled Australia
With the best of intentions I know
When they spread all over the coastal lands
New pressures started to show
With hunts to kill native animals
And axes to cut forests down
Without meaning to made some species extinct
As they expanded the farmland and town
With the passage of time our numbers grew
Now it seems that people don’t care
If developers want to clear moor e of the bush
And rubbish is dumped everywhere
We have to try to correct our mistakes
I know before we walk we must crawl
But we may have to take the bit in our teeth
Try to stop the suburban sprawl
For a start clear no native forests
Leave the last of the trees standing tall
If developers don’t get any richer
Well that doesn’t matter at all
Try to clean up the trash in the bushland
Stop dumping our rubbish out there
Do more to wipe out the ferals
The fox, cat, rabbit and hare
They say that progress is important
Well that may be true but still
I hope that it stays there forever

That Yellow Box tree
on the hill.

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