Heritage engineering

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Heritage engineering

Built in 1969 - proof that we don't have to be a throw away society

Guests do have the opportunity of driving our 1969 silver MG convertible. Why do we consider this a serious commitment to responsible tourism practice?

MGB and Sustainability
There are no excuses — the MGB does pollute. We have thought long and hard about whether we should stop providing this service and come to the following approach.

We balanced the environmental impacts against the heritage experience and the potential social benefits. That is to say, pollution versus appreciation of mid 1950s engineering and the joy of experiencing a more intimate nature/touring drive.

Minimising Environmental Impacts:
•The car has been refitted to use unleaded fuel
•Tyre pressures checked to optimise efficiencies
•Guests advised on fuel efficient use
•The car replaces touring driving visitors would do in their own vehicle (although we do offer bicycles free as a further alternative)
Maximising Economic impacts:
•Picnic basket is filled with local produce and re-useable utensils
•Vehicle keeps its value (classic car) and thus an asset
•Demonstrates that things don't have to be simply "thrown away", by keeping the car and not buying a new sports car we have kept the GHG footprint low. Like our bicycles the MG is a second hand item so follows the traditional "reuse" philosophy.
Maximising Heritage Value:
•Guests receive an interpretive guided introduction to the car and the Oxford engine designed in the 1950s.
Maximise Social Values:
•Guests are told to take their time, to smell the eucalyptus forest, hear the bird song and sense the shade
•Interpretive self guided booklet highlights what life was like in 1969 (year of car's manufacture) and what we consumed in those days (in some cases a great deal less)
•We have noticed that such leisure driving (not great distances) to beautiful natural landscapes enhances our guest's connection with nature and their appreciation
Yes driving the MGB is an indulgence (happiness is a good thing!), but we also think it is a good way to encourage our guests to reflect on our modern world. This follows our ethos of keeping to simply things, to good choices, to lead to a good life. Is it responsible? Your opinion is appreciated; we would be delighted to hear from you.

Responsible Tourism - Sustainable Practices
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