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Unique Australian hardwood dash board leather seats and wood carpets

With the wind in your hair, the scent of fresh eucalyptus and wonderful views driving a classic sports car on uncrowded country roads is a dream come true. But is it responsible?

MGB and Sensibility

There are no excuses — the MGB does pollute.
Minimising the bad effects:

  • The car has been refitted to use unleaded fuel
  • Tyre pressures checked to optimise efficiencies
  • Guests advised on fuel efficient use
  • The car replaces touring visitors might do in their own vehicle (although we do offer bicycles free as a further alternative)
  • We offer a picnic basket is filled with local produce and re-useable utensils
  • Our position is that by keeping this car (now more than 40 years old) rather than contribute to a throw away attitude to vehciles we reduce the need to make more things and supports an attitude to look after what we already have. In fact it could be argued that we have kept the carbon footprint down buy not buying another vehcile but restoring an old car.

Hire this unique 1969 silver MGB as part of your anniversary or honeymoon holiday package when staying at Crystal Creek Meadows in Kangaroo Valley just 2 ½ hours from Sydney or Canberra and 25 minutes to the beach. The region is listed by the National Trust for its beauty and there are magnificent scenic routes to explore. Your hosts provide maps, recommendations and picnics.

Responsible Tourism - Sustainable Practices
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