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Choosing the genuine article – what’s behind our claims

Crystal Creek Meadows has dramatically cut its Green House Gases by 75% and devotes a large part of property to conservation. Here we show how we validate our claims, provide a source of education for local children and share knowledge with our...
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Green Credentials

A smarter way to enjoy your water
Conservation gives our guests the opportunity to see wildlife in a natural environment
Trip Advisor recognises our green credentials at Platinum level

Responsible Tourism & Travel - Some Thoughts For Your Stay

How we minimise our environmental impacts....... and with your help make a difference  Below is a list of some of the things that we do in our efforts to operate a Responsible Tourism business with some ideas for you to try when you stay at Crystal Creek Meadows and beyond.


We promote recycling, reused cardboard for mulching and select items with minimal packaging. 

How you can help: There is a bin for recyclable items in your cottage, when you leave you can place in the correct waste bins

Food Waste

We have managed to cut landfill waste by 63%. One of the ways we have achieved this is by feeding food scraps to the chickens. 

How you can help: Keep your food scraps in the bucket provided and feed the chooks; they’ll love you for it! 

Plastic Waste

We support Kangaroo Valley’s Plastic Bag Free Zone and have a voluntary ban on plastic water bottles 

How you can help: Buy our refillable water bottles and borrow our shopping bags 

Climate Action Australia Certification

We have been awarded Climate Action Australia Certification - 'Leader' grade (holding one of the highest ratings in the country) to reduce our carbon emissions. Energy and water use is continuously monitored at each guest cottage to improve efficiency and better advise our guests. 

How you can help: Buy following our advice and being mindful of your water and energy use 


Harvest rainwater at each cottage which is measured weekly.Water use is continuously monitored to better advise guest use. Storm water is collected for property irrigation.

How you can help: Be mindful of water use, especially during times of drought  


Consumption has been cut. Our 5 kW solar farm provides one-third of our needs, the purchased balance is 100% Accredited Green Energy. We monitor all electricity consumption. The money we have saved from lower energy bills goes to paying for Green Energy, introducing new sustainability projects e.g. firewood plantation and supporting our local community e.g. paying local farmers the fair price of fruit and vegetables for your breakfast basket. 

How you can help: use natural ventilation (we have designed the cottages so you enjoy the breeze of fresh clean air), use the key tags, turn off outside lights at night, note the Centimetre (a fun device that shows energy use and cost in real time), turn off things you don’t require 


Firewood from environmentally sustainable forests is a magnificent resource, cleaner and more efficient than electricity....and renewable. We monitor firewood usage to help us better advise guests. Visit our firewood plantation which is also a conservation area for wildlife. 

How you can help: read your wood fire guide that explains how to light your romantic cosy fire efficiently, collect some kindling together as you enjoy a walk on the property.


We use instant hot water systems so there is no energy waste in keeping water storage hot, and continuously monitor gas use to better advise guests.

How you can help: don’t run the hot water unnecessarily. 


We choose to buy E10 fuel, select the most appropriate car size for the journey and ride our bikes.  

How you can help: choose our free rail and bus transfers from Berry and come by train or coach instead, it makes the journey part of your holiday. While you are here borrow our bikes (its free, fun and you might get to see more), for longer journeys borrow our car (conditions apply) 


Although not a certified organic farm, Crystal Creek Meadows has a minimal chemical use policy. So you will see some weeds in the garden but also butterflies, bees, and birds. Our cottages are cleaned with eco-friendly products using native essential oils.

How you can help: tell us what interesting insects, birds, and animals you saw during your walk as we are monitoring the results of low/no chemical use on the land. Enjoy the chemical-free fresh scent in your cottage.


Free range meat, salmon from Australian fish farms and priority given to organic and local produce. Our aromatherapy range promotes the medicinal values of plants.

How you can help: select items on local menus and markets that contain local, organic ingredients. Purchase souvenirs made from local sustainable natural materials, or items that are antiques or second hand. Enjoy the scent of the aromatherapy plants on your walks around the property.


60% of our property is devoted to conservation through the rehabilitation of wetlands and perennial streams.

How you can help: Guests can plant trees on our property from $3.50, it's a fun activity we do together. If you like you can do some conservation work on the property with Christopher and family and pay less for your stay (kids love to take part and travel in the trailer!) 

Threatened Species

Through the conservation activities, we have seen bird species grow from just 20 (2004) to over 50 including the threatened Gang Gang Cockatoo and the Powerful Owl.

How you can help: donate to the Friends of the Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby (there are only 200 in NSW of which 40 reside in the Kangaroo Valley so your donation will help their protection through research and fox baiting programs). Take a look at your cottage or as you walk the property and let us know what birds, echidnas or wombats you see – reports contribute to our monitoring program. Please drive carefully, particularly at dawn and dusk to avoid injury wildlife. Every little bit makes a difference. Thank you to all our guests for their participation 

The Big Picture


Crystal Creek Meadows was established on land that had been previously cleared. We have focused our attention on rehabilitating much of the property. At the beginning, rather than pull down the original buildings we renovated and focused on insulation and the shade provided by deciduous trees. When we have built, it has been from renewable and/or reusable materials sourced from the local area.  Our Footprint: Since applying responsible actions we have cut our CO2 footprint from 50 tonnes (2007) to 17.8 tonnes (2016-17), reduced our landfill from 9.24 litres (2006/7 to 2.6 (2016-17) – read our Environmental Statement in The BIG picture Responsible Accommodation Report - see below. 


We focus our attention on consuming fewer materials, wasting less and enjoying more from experiences that support local culture and the environment. We buy antiques, second-hand items where practical.  Crystal Creek Meadows is an original member of the Green Box Cooperative, a community not for profit organisation to promote local produce.


Our aromatherapy range uses organic or Australian essential oils as much as possible. We favour minimal packaging and glassware rather than plastic (unless it is not practical). Crystal Creek Meadows is a member of the Essential Oil Producers of Australia. (view Aromatherapy Gift Shop Online)

Local economy

The majority of our expenditure is with small local businesses and spent within our region – (see The Real Deal - Go Local!)


Our conservation and CO2 footprint claims are independently verified by Hales Douglass (accountant) and the Green Kangaroo carbon calculator. In addition, Crystal Creek Meadows is Advanced Ecotourism Certified by EcoTourism Australia and Climate Action – Leader accredited by Sustainable Tourism Australia. We were one of the first accommodation providers in Australia to become a Trip Advisor Green Leaders - Platinum. Crystal Creek Meadows' efforts to become more sustainable have been recognised nationally (read more...) Read the results of our endeavours to become more efficient and supportive to the Kangaroo Valley community in the report attached below.

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