Crystal Creek Meadows Charity Program

Sophie hand over cheque worth $250 from guest donations to Chris Pryor from FBTRW

The Crystal Creek Meadows Charity Program was established in 2008.

These are committments that Christopher, Sophie and their family contibute to and guests can also make donations to help local animal conservation and wildlife rescue.

Since its start it has helped:

  • 23 other local tourism businesses improve their sustainability
  • Raised over $5,500 for local charities
  • Donated over $8,000 to charitable causes
  • Provided over 150 days volunteer time

The Crystal Creek Meadows Charity Program focuses on four areas: 

  1. Conservation of cultural and natural heritage in the South East of Australia
  2. The Kangaroo Valley community through education and cultural projects 
  3. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation through capacity building activities
  4. Contributing to achieve the UN Millennium Goals, specifically environmental sustainability (through improved drinking water) and child education in Less Developed Countries. 

To achieve these goals we:

Give voluntary time to build the capacity of businesses within the region to tackle Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, through the Green Kangaroo program.

Provide in-kind, value and voluntary donations to community fund raising, cultural events and to assist and conservation.
Climate Change Research – have contributed a $1,000 PhD prize to the NSW University's Climate Change Research Centre (more information on Climate Change research)  (the important role rainforests play)

Consistently make donations to the following charities:

  • Friends of the Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby - Kangaroo Valley has a population of only 40 of this threatened species (more information on Friends of..)
  • Wildlife Rescue South Coast - with such a high amount of road kill we support this excellent wildlife information and education service that looks after injured wildlife (more information on Wildlife Rescue South Coast)
  • World Vision - providing safe drinking water for a communities in Africa and sponsoring a child’s education (more information on Water the world most precious resource)
  • UNICEF - providing support to refugees and displaced persons in Africa and and Middle East

Guests can make donations too:

  • You can make a donation to the Friends of the Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallaby or Wildlife Rescue South Coast during your stay and help protect the beautiful wildlife around Kangaroo Valley which brings us all such joy
  • Click on the donation option on the Booking Form or make a gold coin donation during your stay
  • You can also make a donation in return for the free internet services provided in reception or for playing the free kids wildlife education games provided by Wildlife Rescue South Coast
  • Through our conservation programme guests can also choose to use less resources and help us save using our continuious monitoring programme.
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