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Putting guest safety first. Crystal Creek Meadows has now revised its bush fire prevention and evaluation plan and is implementing steps to improve safety for our guests. This includes completing first aid training for all full and part time staff (and our young family)as well as reducing bushfire fuel around the property, installing sprinklers and having a portable petrol water pump.

Christopher is now working with the Rural Fire Services and the Tourism Industry Council NSW to develop a rural bush fire survival plan and guest evacuation steps for NSW. He has also been working with Caroline Bollrich (masters degree student with Leeds Metropolitan University) on bush fire preparedness research and developing plans to help the Kangaroo Valley community offer a safer destination for our guests.

The following plan, shared with our guests and local businesses, is published here to also share with tourism. With warmer dryer weather providing responsible and safer places to live in and visit is becoming more important.

Bush Fire Survival Plan for CRYSTAL CREEK MEADOWS.pdf467.02 KB
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