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Crystal Creek Meadows recognised at the Australian Tourism Awards for Sustainability 2013

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Christopher and Sophie Warren celebrate on award night

Our sustainability policies helped us win a second national award – Qantas Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism 2013.
To celebrate we have a special package so you can enjoy the local treats and fresh produce with our compliments - see link below.

The Crystal Creek Meadows Annual Poetry Award

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Christopher congratulates John Davis
26 October 2013

Every year we promote sustainability through a sponsored category at the bush poetry competition. Entries come from around Australia and are shared at the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival. Our theme for this year ‘Hand Made verse Mass Made’ supports our World Responsible Tourism Day campaign ‘Local Is Best’.

Winning poets received two nights accommodation. Poems are published and shared with guests.

What is Best. By John Davis

On my bed there is today my blanket of 60 years
It’s kept me warm on freezing nights tucked up around my ears.

Refreshing limes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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fresh limes from our garden

We have over 90 citrus trees, so for more than 6 months of the year you can pick and enjoy delicious fresh fruit as you stroll through the gardens. We’ve just picked another batch of limes and have just made some zesty lime marmalade and chutney. 

Here are the recipes for great tasting limes preserves. Pick your own fruit while you stay and make these at home! The limes are chemical free and free for guests to pick.

Lime Marmalade

1kg of limes, 1 kg of sugar

1. Quarter the limes and separate the flesh

Sharing responsibilities: guests help to keep our footprint low. Megan's Blog

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Guests are invited to help us reduce carbon footprint and water consumption

The first month of my time here at Crystal Creek Meadows is coming to an end. I already feel as though I have learned so much and yet this is only just the beginning of what I imagine to be a tremendous experience. My role within the business will vary greatly from customer service to organising and participating in a range of sustainability projects; my first mini project being the concept of a sustainability key tag.

Come and celebrate Spring this October Long Weekend

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26 August 2013 - 5 September 2013

We have put together a wonderful new package to celebrate spring now the gardens are filled with wonderful blossoms, birds singing and bees humming. To celebrate we are giving guests a special gift pack of limited edition bath salts and face cream gift pack made with beautiful bergamot, lavender and citrus.

Enjoy this package as a 3 night stay over the October Long Weekend Call Sophie on (02) 4465 1406 to book your three night stay.

Crystal Creek Meadows publishes ‘Getting Connected to Nature’

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Juli Freeman tells Aboriginal Dreamtime stories as part of our World Responsible Tourism Day 2012 event

This beautiful 24 page full colour book shows how important having fun in the garden is to our outlook on life. It completes our World Responsible Tourism Day 2012 research programme which involved children from Kangaroo Valley Public School and their field day. The book has lots of great pictures of the kids' eco art, drawings and stories. You can read the book here (link below) or better still relax in the comfort our cottages and read the guest copy.

Lara's Last Blog: Goodbye Crystal Creek Meadows

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16 July 2013

So my placement is over, and I am more than a little bit sad! My last couple of weeks have been busy with a record month of bookings, and tying up projects in the office with Chris.
Something I have just completed, as a lovely way to finish off my work experience year is designing and writing a book which reflects on the Connection to Nature day we put on at Crystal Creek Meadows last November for World Responsible Tourism Day (link below).

Showcased by UK university

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Bicycle Rides Kangaroo Valley
6 May 2013

Our eco-friendly actions have caught the attention of Leeds Metropolitan University in UK which has chosen to use Crystal Creek Meadows as an international case study on responsible tourism. They noted our way of turning sustainability principles into fun positive guest experiences like offering free bicycles to encourage guest to drive less, providing our guests with handmade aromatherapy products rather than buying in standard prepacked personal care products.

A brush with nature, kids and stories - Lara's Blog 5

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The first project I managed here at Crystal Creek was back in November, in aid of World Responsible Tourism Day, and I’d like to tell you a little about my experience... just briefly!

Leading environmentalist recognised

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Justin and Anne at the end of their prize holiday in Jolly Jumbuck Cottage

Winner of the Nature Conservation Council's environmentalist Dunphy Award - Justin McKee who enjoyed his prize this February - 2 nights at Crystal Creek Meadows. Justin has worked tirelessly (read more in the link below)in the Blue Mts for environmental conservation and we are proud to provide the prize for this annual award that recognises people's efforts to care for nature. We hope the short break helped to sustain you Justin!

Crystal Creek Meadows Poetry Award

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Carl Leddy's peom inspires reflection of historic French town

The 2012 Crystal Creek Meadows bush poety award judged at the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, has been won by Carl Leddy. Our theme for this years was 'why the past is important to remember'.

Thoughts in Roubaix past by Carl Leddy

and old things challenge the mind in determined, stirring ways;

we drift back in ease and comfort on thought’s infinite and swooping path,

as we view the present state,

of time’s relentless, searching purge of things once new.


Crystal Creek Meadows launches its vegetable garden

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Pick you own vegetables and fruits from our gardens
27 December 2012

When you visit come and pick your own vegetables and fruit from our garden and enjoy the delicious taste of fresh tomatoes lattices and fruit. We even make pies as a special treat for our guests read on - link below.

My Third Month Here - Lara's Placement Blog

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21 November 2012

I am already over a quarter of the way through my placement, and feel like I have learned so much. The realization of just how bad the problem with world travel and sustainability actually is, has sunk in this month. This was brought on by interesting conversations with Chris, and also the chance to study and actually calculate Crystal Creek Meadows carbon footprint (all by myself!)- watch the video below.

Lara's Student Placement Blog 1

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October 2012

Official NSW Environmental Awards Sponsors

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10 October 2012

For a second year Crystal Creek Meadows is an official sponsor of the Nature Conservation Council's NSW awards. We are providing a special holiday package for the lucky winner of the Dunphy Awards for the most outstanding environmental effort made by an individual. We sponsor this award because we recognise that our beautiful natural attractions must be conserved and protected for all to enjoy, so we are delighted to congratulate a hard working environmentalist with a two night luxury eco friendly break with us in beautiful Kangaroo Valley. Good luck to all the entrants.

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