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Qantas Award - Excellence In Sustainable Tourism Australia

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Click to view this short review by Deborah Hutton for a quick overview of the Crystal Creek Meadows getaway experience.

Blending sustainable practices with luxury, romance and nature in Kangaroo Valley.

Our community project to be showcased at Wildlife Tourism conference

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Conservation brings nature to Crystal Creek Meadows
29 September 2015 - 3 October 2015

Involving our local school children in games and activities which increased their environmental concern was a ground breaking project we completed with the support of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community and Kangaroo Valley Public School. After publishing a book and academic paper sharing the results, Christopher is now a keynote speaker at the 3rd Australian Wildlife Tourism Conference 2015, where he will illustrate how wildlife tourism and Aboriginal Belief Systems can be used as a way to help conserve our environment. Learn more about the conference here.

'Platinum' Green Leader for Crystal Creek Meadows

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Conservation brings nature to Crystal Creek Meadows
23 April 2015
Trip Advisor, the world’s leading guest review social media site, has launched its Green leaders programme in Australia and New Zealand. We are thrilled to have been included and ranked as a Platinum business as it recognises our conservation work providing habitat for wildlife, guest participation in sustainable activities and our renewable energy and water practices.

“The new bathroom is EXQUISITE!”

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Inside new stylish colour

That’s what our long time guests K&L from Canberra had to say about the refurbishment of Jolly Jumbuck’s bathroom. Enjoy a completely new bathroom with standalone deep French Tub, beautiful handmade tiles, elegant double vanity and a fun rain shower. We’ve also freshened up the living room in a romantic soft colours and added some gorgeous new floral curtains and pelmet to add a contemporary relaxed mood.

Guest donations help local wildlife

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Sophie passes over the guest donations to Friends of the Bush-Tailed Rock-Wallaby
13 August 2014

Crystal Creek Meadows raised over $238 from guest donations for Friends of the Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallaby in 2013-14.
"This is wonderful, we've collected more funds this year than ever before, so a big thank you to all our guests, " says Sophie who passed over the funds to Chris Pryor from the local charity. We have only a very small colony of these lovely animals which are almost the last remaining in NSW.

Billabong Cottage's new bathroom is bath paradise!

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An original hand painted design that makes our bathroom beautiful

We have been busy renovating our couple’s cottage ‘Billabong’. After much searching we discovered these beautiful tiles with a hand painted floral design that looks absolutely fabulous! They go perfectly with the new blissful French style bath that complements our spa products. Then to set the perfect mood we’ve installed a chandelier that you control with a dimmer switch.

Christopher claims it’s bath paradise as you can soak in soft waters*, rejuvenate with our aromatherapy spa recipes and relax the soul while watching the dreamly view. We both hope you’ll love it.

Nature Conservation Council & Crystal Creek Meadows salute Corinne Fisher

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Corinne Fisher and Matt enjoy their Nature Conservation Council prize - staying at Crystal Creek Meadows

Each year the Nature Conservation Council acknowledges the tireless work by volunteers through an award for ‘the most outstanding environmental effort of an individual’, Their prize is a holiday donated by Crystal Creek Meadows.

The Do’s & Don’ts for a Perfect Romantic Break

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Breakfast when you want

The Do’s & Don’ts for a Perfect Romantic Break

  • Do take advantage of our special packages which include sensual delights like Brut Pinot Noir, handmade chocolates and aromatherapy spa treats which relax and arouse. Note we also display seasonal specials on our last minute packages page of this site.

Top UK scientist visits Crystal Creek Meadows

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John planting his seedling in 2011
28 March 2014

Our guest’s conservations actions are growing fast. A return visit by John Allen left him amazed at how quickly native trees, indigenous to the area, can grow. John planted a River Ppeppermint seedling in 2011 and was surprised to see his original tiny plant (15 cm) had grown to over four metres high by March 2014 a 266% increase! To celebrate his return visit to Kangaroo Valley this year, John planted seven She-oaks in a row to mark his seven decades.

Star Rating Review Megan's Blog

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13 March 2014

The Assessor Arrives!

Today, Christopher invited me to assist him in the AAA visit to Crystal Creek Meadows (AAATourism run the accommodation star rating scheme in Australia). This accreditation consists of three fundamental categories: facilities and services, cleanliness and quality and condition, of which the business is assessed against.

Greener and more attractive!

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Crystal Creek Meadows 2014 renovation team

Redecorating - Renovating - Retro-look in Fleur Farm Cottage  

Guests are going to enjoy a wonderful fresh new Fleur Farm Cottage. We’ve been busy renovating our little farm cottage at Crystal Creek Meadows adding a new Aussie hard wood floor, complete new Federation style bathroom and repainting...and that's just the beginning.
This is part of a big renew programme for all our cottages with new furnishings (Sophie’s making the cushions!), great claw foot baths, a softer nature inspired colours and great new lights.

Crystal Creek Meadows recognised at the Australian Tourism Awards for Sustainability 2013

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Christopher and Sophie Warren celebrate on award night

Our sustainability policies helped us win a second national award – Qantas Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism 2013.
To celebrate we have a special package so you can enjoy the local treats and fresh produce with our compliments - see link below.

The Crystal Creek Meadows Annual Poetry Award

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Christopher congratulates John Davis
26 October 2013

Every year we promote sustainability through a sponsored category at the bush poetry competition. Entries come from around Australia and are shared at the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival. Our theme for this year ‘Hand Made verse Mass Made’ supports our World Responsible Tourism Day campaign ‘Local Is Best’.

Winning poets received two nights accommodation. Poems are published and shared with guests.

What is Best. By John Davis

On my bed there is today my blanket of 60 years
It’s kept me warm on freezing nights tucked up around my ears.

Refreshing limes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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fresh limes from our garden

We have over 90 citrus trees, so for more than 6 months of the year you can pick and enjoy delicious fresh fruit as you stroll through the gardens. We’ve just picked another batch of limes and have just made some zesty lime marmalade and chutney. 

Here are the recipes for great tasting limes preserves. Pick your own fruit while you stay and make these at home! The limes are chemical free and free for guests to pick.

Lime Marmalade

1kg of limes, 1 kg of sugar

1. Quarter the limes and separate the flesh

Sharing responsibilities: guests help to keep our footprint low. Megan's Blog

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Guests are invited to help us reduce carbon footprint and water consumption

The first month of my time here at Crystal Creek Meadows is coming to an end. I already feel as though I have learned so much and yet this is only just the beginning of what I imagine to be a tremendous experience. My role within the business will vary greatly from customer service to organising and participating in a range of sustainability projects; my first mini project being the concept of a sustainability key tag.

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